Executive Director

Ben has a B.A. in Cinema Television from the University of Southern California and an M.B.A. in Business from California State University Chico.  Project Spark Studio grew out of his graphic design classes at Cottonwood Creek Charter School where he created a student animation studio based on the PIXAR model.  His students have won local and international awards for their annual student film projects.


Ben is interested in creating a life changing experience together with groups of students centered around quality artistic projects. He is passionate about developing the individual student through high level artistic training, teamwork, and building relationships. 


He pushes students to find their artistic style, and inner voice.  He is excited to help students understand a bigger world and believes that kids, and people in general, can unleash their full capacity through developing a strong work ethic. 


Ben is committed to being a financially viable artist with a sustainable career in a world where the arts don’t always make sense in the same way as many traditional career paths.  


Human Relations Director

MaryAnn has a B.A. in Liberal Arts as well as Multiple and Single Subject Teaching Credentials from Simpson University, in Redding, CA. She will graduate from The Townsend Institute at Concordia University Irvine with her Masters in Organizational Leadership in 2018. During the last ten years as a teacher, MaryAnn developed a musical program at Bella Vista Elementary School and a Homeschool Program at Cottonwood Creek Charter School in Northern California. 


MaryAnn discovered her entrepreneurial interest growing up working in her family’s Apiary business.  For as long as she can remember, she has been interested in discovering what makes successful people and organizations grow.   


She is also passionate about supporting and nurishing the artistic person holistically, enabling them to bridge the gap between their artistic talent and the strategic skills necessary to make their art meaningfull to the world.  


Creative & Media Director

Mark Pomerville joins Project Spark Studio after many years producing unscripted television programs such as MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show, ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss and Game Show Network’s The American Bible Challenge. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Pomerville studied film production at the University of Southern California and earned his B.A. in English at Washington State University.


Pomerville has extensive non-profit experience, having served as program director at Shared Hope International, an organization that aids in the recovery and restoration of human trafficking victims. Mark has a passion for helping those in need, and is eager to use his nonprofit and media experience to aid Project Spark Studio. 

Mark values creating and maintaining the face of an organization.  He understands how essential it is to communicate one’s message appropriately so that it can be quickly and easily understood. His motto is, “Content is king, but presentation is queen. If you don’t have both a king and queen, then you don’t have a kingdom.”

In his spare time, Pomerville enjoys singing and voice-over acting. Mark is married to his wife, Kristal, who is a High School English Teacher.

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